Monday, September 22, 2008

Being "Stalked"

"Why do you have all the cool "God things" happen to you?" a friend once asked me. I had been sharing a story, describing how my needs had been met time and time again following my separation and divorce. I shrugged. "You seek them out", someone else said. Really? do I? hmm....

I know I have some great "God stories". Numerous summaries of how God has graciously acted in my life. Some of them I have shared here, others have begged to make the "Yet to Come" list. Many, I would find hard to believe if I hadn't lived them. Some were quickly apparent, most needed the perspective of time to fully appreciate.

Recently, this same friend shared some of the events that have been happening in her life. I grinned. She gave me a sideways questioning glance, "what?" I laughed and grinned some more. Her look intensified. Finally, I said, "You're being 'stalked'!!"

She said,"Well, this is NOT FUN". "No," I replied. "It usually sucks at the beginning!" I encouraged her to hang on, and not to fight it. "SURRENDER to it!" She rolled her eyes and turned away. "Your "Stalker" is patient and relentless....and kind" I reminded her. She nodded.

I am reminded of the early days of being "stalked". The days when I was very, very afraid. Very afraid of change. Very afraid of losing control. Many days I tried to ignore Him. I learned of His patience and relentlessness. Some days I flat out asked Him to go away. He never did, despite the times when I refused to see or acknowledge Him.

As time passed, and as I'd walked through fears and misperceptions, I began to trust more. I began to witness the kindness and the grace - in my life and in the lives of others.

These days, when I feel I'm being "stalked", I notice. I don't always like it. I still don't LIKE change all that much. But I am (more) willing. I know that if there is pain or darkness to walk through, there will be healing and light once we do. These days, I hold on tight for the ride!

Yes, there are still days when I ask for Him to "lay off" for a little while. Sometimes He does, other times, we press forth. Either way, I am not forgotten. Either way, I am supported, cared for and loved. I know I will never be given more than I am able to handle, and I know that I will never, ever have to walk the path alone.

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