Sunday, September 28, 2008

Moments of Simple Joy - the Screensaver

I have recently figured out how to program my computer to scroll through the images of my 'pictures' folder as the screen saver. Two clicks - done. But, as it always happens, when one improvement comes along, it demands one or two more.

So many of the pictures need to be rotated. I've made some progress, but in the mean time, you'll see my family turning our heads on their sides to see the images in their proper orientation. Christmases, Easters, birthdays, the crazy lettuce we grew this year - all there again before our eyes!

And then there's the cropping and deleting that needs to happen. Digital photography is wonderful in so many aspects, but, for me, it does lead to some clutter. I take many, many more pictures than I would with a film-based camera. I can, so I will. But, I am realizing that there is no need to have 15 shots of my daughter's first missing tooth. This is providing me the opportunity to inventory my "pictures" folder. (yippee!) Another opportunity to sort through the "stuff" in my life and identify that which is truly important to me.

But, despite the 'to do' s that have been added. I have really enjoyed watching the moments of our lives appear on my resting computer screen. Better yet, I have enjoyed watching my children as they sit and focus on each picture, each event and say "MOM! do you remember that?" Of course I do...

They grow fast. Life changes. As these moments flash by again before my eyes, I am reminded to cherish today.... THIS moment. I am reminded again of how blessed I truly am.

Thank you God.

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