Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Conspiracy of Sleeplessness

I do not understand the Conspiracy of Sleeplessness that surrounds me this year.

I should have expected it, though. They say that whatever happens on New Year's Eve, happens all year long. Well, based on that experience, I'm right where I am supposed to be.

My son had a friend sleep over. The friend was like an alarm clock, awakening me every two hours - to the minute! Also interesting that night - I felt the need to pray for a friend upon awakening - every time. A night of interrupted, prayerful sleep.

Now, nine months later, it continues. If it's not a child coming in to snuggle me or find out "how many hours til morning?", it's the dog wanting out. If, by some small miracle both the children and the animal are quiet throughout the night, there will be a mis-dialed mid-night call.

Early on, I cried about it - exhausted to tears. Last night, as I returned to bed after letting the dog out, I laughed.... "oh.... The Conspiracy of Sleeplessness continues.... You're gonna have to help me today, God"

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