Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Solitude and Silence

It's quiet here. Of course it is! Anyone with any sense is still asleep. But, I'm awake - preparing for the day, enjoying the pre-dawn moments of Solitude and Silence. (Though, I must be honest here, if I had my choice, I'd still be in the bed!)

There are gifts in the early morning - the unveiling of the sunrise, the quiet stillness as the day awakens, (the return of the hummingbirds!). Soon, the house will be full of activity - the children, hoping to get in a few minutes of game time before they head to school, the dog, hoping to get a few minute of playtime, before he heads to the back yard. And me, hoping to get breakfast in the midst of the activity and morning routine!

I have been reading When the Soul Listens - a book on contemplative prayer written by Jan Johnson. She illustrates the importance of taking time to be still and quiet. To focus on nothing but being in the presence of the Divine.

I long for this, and remember the days when the schedule was more accommodating. The days when I didn't seem to be pulled in as many different directions. Jan reminds me, that although a weekend away seems ideal, finding a few quiet moments daily is ultimately more beneficial.

I promise myself I'll become more intentional about my quiet time. I search the calendar to find moments - and even a day - that I can dedicate to solitude... I want to HEAR God speak... hear that Gentle Voice Within.

And as the morning skies are painted pink and orange, I am reminded, once again, that it is in stillness and in solitude - when the rushing of everyday life pauses, and the world stops for just a moment.... THEN I am able to simply BE in the presence of God.

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