Friday, October 23, 2009

Be Here Now....

Several women I have spoken with lately have all had the same thing to share: "I want my brain back!" And here I thought it was just me...

Seriously, though.... so many women I've spoken will all share the same feelings of disarray. Our houses are a mess and we can't be sure the we've done what we were supposed to.

This week for me was Girl Scout fall product distribution. I came up two tins short at distribution. So, now the task becomes figuring out if I didn't order enough, didn't receive enough, or send an extra tin with a couple of girls.

It seems the more I hurry through, the more time I take trying to figure out what I've done.

I am 100% sure that it is NOT a coincidence that I have taught 5 extra yoga classes the past two weeks. I needed time to breathe and be still - to stretch and find balance, even if just for a moment.

Thursday night, I heard myself say something that hung with me for a while. "Be. Here. Now."

I had been talking about leaving the events of the day at the door, and not picking up the events for the evening or the next day - Allowing the yoga room to be "sacred space", where we could simply Be. Here. Now.

Thoughts and feelings from other days, gone. Plans and memories, gone. Breath in, breath out. Simple as that.

hmmm. Simple as that.




May I remember.... May I listen...

May I




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