Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Splash of Color....

What an absolutely gorgeous day! It seems like forever since we've seen the sun. Lately, it's been rain, rain and more rain. Cold, damp, drizzly rain. But finally - the sun! And Warmth! The perfect autumn day.

Unfortunately, I was not able to spend the day out in the yard, tending the earth, as would have been my preference. Instead, I typed a PTO agenda, led a meeting, cooked a meal - for two other families - and sorted through a stack of papers. I'd glance up from time to time, watch the leaves dancing on the tree branches.

I did steal away about an hour to walk the dog. He and I - and the dog - out walking in the beauty of fall. Deep, deep breaths. The sun on my face. My eyes filled with the contrasting colors around me, and my heart filled with a moment of joy.

I love to watch the colors turn. I love to find "The Most Beautiful Tree", wherever I am driving. On days like this one, they seem to be radiating, as if the sun were within them. It's one of my favorite parts of fall.

The changing colors of leaves and the putting on of sweaters. But, it's the warm crisp coolness that I like - not the drizzly overcast dampness we've been having. That's much too "winter".

And, yes, Winter has it's place... I'm just not ready for it yet.

So, despite the fact that my grown up life kept me from enjoying a little girl's autumn day to it's fullest, I am grateful for the moments I did have. For the sun, for the colors, for the breeze and blue, blue sky. For the Joy in my heart. I thank You....

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