Friday, October 30, 2009

Girl Time....

I'm actually kinda excited....crazy as that may seem to those of you who truly KNOW me.

My boy will be at a sleep-over party, which presented an opportunity I have been praying for. Some "girl time" with my daughter.

I am almost continually reminded that she is growing up very quickly, especially as we are planning next month's birthday party. I am as frequently reminded that she is looking to me to set the example of being a girl and growing up into a woman. If I fail to be that example, she will look elsewhere.

I am not deluded in believing that she will not also look elsewhere. I know she will. The world, the media, and her peers are also setting examples. She is a girl who is very social, very impressionable and very much has her own sense of "style".

So, I asked her.... "what do you want to do for our girl night?" Her immediate reply: "SHOPPING!!"

The fact that that prospect excites me is nothing less than a miracle of God. Generally speaking, I LOATHE the mall. I think it's over priced, over crowded and utterly too commercially-focused. But... that's it's purpose, I suppose. And, for every bit of girly-girl that my daughter is, I am not.

I am the outdoorsy, down to earth, teach my little brother how to catch frogs kind of girl. If I HAVE to wear a dress, I will, but give me a pair of jeans and a regular old shirt, and I'm good! (I do have to say, for the record, I find myself picking some more "girly" tops and shoes with heels - and kinda liking them... so there is hope for my feminine side yet!)

Co-incidentally enough, it just happens to be the very same day that I get paid for my teaching and the extra shifts I've done at the hospital. So, there is actually a few dollars that can be allocated to this event!

We are thrilled and excited. I have so many things in my head to teach her - budget, comparative shopping - but mostly, I want to have some time with my daughter. Some time to be girls and connect with each other.

Oh... did I say, after we finish shopping, we plan to come home, soak our feet, give 'em a good scrub and a pedi....? Oh yeah....

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