Monday, October 12, 2009

Leap of Faith

The weekend at camp was wonderful. Good to see summer friends. Good to be out of doors - even if it was cold and overcast. Good to be away from the day to day. And good to learn a few lessons about faith.

Sunday's activities included a high ropes course entitled "The Leap of Faith".

I spent a good bit of time there - partly because both of my kids were there and partly because... well, we'll get there in the story....

"The Leap of Faith" is a high ropes element, where the kids - on belay, of course! - climb about 20-ish feet up into the air to a perch. From the perch, they take "The Leap of Faith" an try to touch a softball sized knot that is suspended in the air.

What was most interesting for me was the reactions of the kids.... Most were able to climb up just fine. My boy, once both feet were off the ground decided that this was not for him and turned back. (As his mother, I think that was a wise decision....)

A couple got to the perch, but required one of the counselors to climb up and coax them down. It was for this reason, I stayed. One girl spent over an hour before she was able to slide herself over the edge. I was expecting she would have used her day's worth of adrenaline with her fear and trembling, but, kids are resilient, and once down, she dried her tears and went on.

My daughter climbed up and walked off. Not a bit of hesitation. But, not a chance at the knot either.

And then, there was this guy. He climbed up, he stood and then he leaped. Fully graceful, fully confident, and fully obtained his goal.

And, I wonder which of these I am. Am I the one who sits and screams when everyone looking on begins to pray that she'll slip or he'll push her? Or, am I the one who climbs and does basically what is asked, without reaping the full benefits because I have failed to truly trust, and leap beyond my comfort zone? Or, am I the one who truly leaps, who obtains the goal, and gets to the ground and says "YES! THAT was AWESOME!"

I know which one I would like to be.... I also know which other two I am most likely to resemble.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I had to do a zip line 2 years ago at the singles retreat i go on each year. it was the scariest thing i've ever had to do. i'd never do it again but i'm glad i tackled it!