Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Day of Rest

It was a day of rest....relatively speaking, anyhow....

I had intended to spend the day - 12 hours - at the hospital, working as a staff nurse, but got a call that morning saying I was no longer needed. There has been an abundance of overtime lately, and the dog and I were in desperate need of a walk. I hung up the phone, shrugged and went on with my day... (trust me, such a change of plans hasn't always rolled off my back so smoothly!)

So off I went, dropping my two kids - plus the 3 others in the carpool - off at the school. Arriving home, I considered briefly, crawling back into bed. "Nah, not today..." I just had this feeling I would never get up again....

The dog and took a walk, and then we just sat out on the deck. For a long time, we just sat there, enjoying the breeze and the noticeable drop in the temperature every few minutes. The storm was coming, but hadn't arrived yet.

The air held the energy that permeates before the rain arrives, and the wind blew the leaves on the trees as if to show off their newly colored edges.

It certainly wasn't what I had planned to do that day. At days end, it had included giving a massage session and some service work at the school. I also squeezed in an hour or two playing Wii with my son. It was way more enjoyable than what I had on the agenda!

It was a gift of a day. I got several things done that I hadn't expected to, and enjoyed some wonderful time with my children.

Thank You God for the day....

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