Friday, October 16, 2009

The Next Right Thing

It has been a busy week, this "fall break". By the time it's done, I will have put in a full-time work week, taken the kids for a few hours of fun at Chuck E. Cheese, and continued the mom-taxi service. And yet, in the midst of it, somehow, I am making some progress on the to do list.

One thing here, fifteen-minutes-toward-another there. It's easy for me to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of "to do"s. Broken down into smaller tasks, it's manageable.

I do have time to put a thing or two away, even if I can't clean the whole room. Seriously, I have enough filing to do to fill an afternoon. One day, I hope to HAVE an afternoon to do it. Today, I have ten minutes. With it, I could choose to let the whole pile sit until I can attend to the entirety of the task, or, I can sort and file for the minutes that I do have. Little by little, the task can get completed.

I feel like that with God sometimes, too. It seems too much, too huge and too impossible to go from where I am now to where I am meant to be with Him. So I must decide: Will I do the next right thing, take the next right step toward Him, or will I stand, unmoving, sure that I will never "get there"?

May I walk...

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