Sunday, October 11, 2009


We spent a week this past summer at camp. "Camp YI" - Youth Incorporated - a mere hour south of where we live.

Even before my kids were born, I knew I wanted them to attend camp. I didn't know if it would be one or two or three kids, boys or girls.... I just knew I wanted them to experience camp. I have such fond memories of my weeks away from home, out in the woods, with a bunch of other kids. And I can't imagine where I would be, if I hadn't spent three summers as staff. They were truly life-changing!

I was (beyond!) thrilled to find a co-ed overnight camp, close to home. When I heard they needed a nurse for the week, it was perfect. It was their first experience with overnight camp. They would have adapted, I'm sure without me, but knowing I was there if needed, they thrived!

That was summer - full of warm, long days. Now, we experience it a little differently. The leaves are turning and the nights are cool.

Still, for this weekend, we have been experiencing the magic of camp. Ahhhhhh.... Yes!

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Anonymous said...

Linda, I love your blog. You are a huge inspiration and I appreciate you being so "real" on your blog. My girls have attended Horton Haven for the past two summers, we have been really pleased.
I am all about finding new activities around our area, so thanks for sharing your camp experience.
Kristin Weathers