Thursday, October 8, 2009

Doing the Next Right Thing....

Life sure can be busy sometimes! I am currently in the midst of a stretch of about two weeks that is PACKED. On top of the usual mom-taxi, regular work and service activities, I have several "extra" shifts at work, massages, additional service and a few other deadlines.

*phew* I get tired just even thinking of it. It's all good, though.... every bit. The extra work comes just in time to have money for Christmas and to pay off some bills. The service brings joy, focus and perspective.

But, you know, the combination brings long days and short nights. Fortunately, it is a season. The end is in sight. There will be a period of rest following this surge of activity. And there will be an abundant harvest... Thank You, God!

In the mean time, I do what I can. The alone time in the car becomes sacred - to pray or simply enjoy the silence. As each event comes into it's time, I say "thank you". Sometimes, it's "thank you" for the event itself, and sometimes it is "thank you" that I can cross it off my list and say "next!".

I have in the past become overwhelmed by the to do's, and become paralyzed into inaction. Today, I look at the list and ask what needs to be done next. There I focus.

Whatever is the Next Right Thing... there I focus.

May I remember to choose the important over the urgent, and not get distracted by things set out to veer me off course. Guide my feet, my heart, my hands and my choices...

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