Sunday, October 4, 2009

Close Your Eyes Now and Rest.....

I have my own little version of Brahms' Lullaby for my daughter. I've always loved the melody, but one night - when she was seven years old, she asked me to sing her a lullaby.

I couldn't remember all of the words, so I made some up and threw in her name for good measure. Our version has become a tradition - one that she frequently requests at bedtime.

"Lullaby and goodnight, my Amelia sleep tight...." it begins. At this point she smiles as I rub her back. Toward the end, as I ask "may your slumber be blessed...." she is just grinning contentedly. Her eyes are closed, and my heart is filled.

It's one of our "girl things". I'd never sing THAT song to her brother. It is ours. We need our own things... just as her brother and I need our own things...

Having something special that connects me with each of my children is a gift of Motherhood. I wouldn't trade it for the world. (Even on those days when I'm asking Him to step in and take over because they are driving me crazy....)

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