Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Power of Service

I was having a "crying in my beer" - minus the beer - kind of morning. I had made the realization of how one of my friendships parallels similar frustrations to those in my marriage. It is one of those things that I HATE right now, but know I will LOVE later. After the "time" and the process and the healing....

Getting into my car, the CD my daughter had been listening to began to play.... country music. Another ah-ha... The reason I rarely listen to it: Country music brings me "there".... and "there" is painful and dark. As a tear began to roll down my cheek, I clicked the power off and continued the drive in silence, praying...

... for guidance. For wisdom. For an opportunity. For His words.

I pulled into the Elementary School and found a place to park. It was "art week". During "art week", the curriculum gets adjusted and the music teacher teaches visual arts. She had requested parental assistance, and we had agreed to provide it.

On the agenda, four classes, kindergarten through third grade. The youngest class arrived first, and somewhere between leaf rubbings and pastels, I realized that I was smiling and enjoying the tiny hands and their grins as they held up their work for my opinion. "Awesome!" I'd say, and some would do a little hop or skip as they lay their pictures in the completed file.

By the time third grade rolled around, I was humming. It wasn't until my hands began throwing off a sign or two between tasks that I paid attention to the lyrics that accompanied the tune...

"How great Thou art, How great Thou art..."

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