Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reaching Forward, Reaching Back

I had the honor recently of giving a massage to a pregnant woman. We had seen each other more frequently in years past, but it had been a while since we'd been together. It was such a gift to me, to be able to work with her again. It was a sweet moment too, when she started asking me about my pregnancy and my delivery.

It reminded me that we are not isolated individuals here on this planet. We are set here to love each other. To encourage each other. To walk beside each other.

When I was pregnant, I asked those who had been there before me. Now, is my opportunity to answer the questions of the first-time mom-to-be. I now look to the mothers with older children to ask my questions - and I share my experiences of my children's younger years when someone ask me.

It's how we learn. It's how we realized that we WILL live through whatever phase we're in.

I've heard it said that I should "find someone who has what [I] want and ask them how they got there". I've done that especially in my walk with God.

The times that have been especially helpful to me are the times when I'm walking through something really difficult. Without a doubt, someone inevitably appears who either has experienced the same thing, or has the ability to simply walk beside me. Someone who has struggled and allowed someone else to walk beside them.

It is an opportunity to minister to each other. To nurture, to mentor, to encourage, to support.

It is a gift. I have been fortunate to be on both ends - reaching forward and reaching back.

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