Sunday, September 13, 2009

All for One....

This month we have started a "job chart" in our family. It's time. The kids are nearly 8. They want allowance. I want something to motivate them and remind them that they are part of a family, and thus have responsibilities for the common good.

They each have simple tasks to complete individually - clean their rooms and make their beds. They also have a "team" job - cleaning the playroom. Then comes my favorite: "Job of the day".

"Job of the Day" is my wild card. We have created a list of jobs ranging from putting away the silverware, feeding the cat, taking out the trash, helping with laundry, sorting recycling. Every day, they complete two of these jobs. Thus far, it has been at my asking - but today, my daughter initiated one on her own! YES!

I am in my glory! The playroom has been clean for ten consecutive days. That is a miracle! Kids doing jobs without a fuss is nothing short of that as well. The made beds and clean rooms - well, we're working on that!

I want them to learn the importance of teamwork and personal responsibility. I also want them to learn the importance of earning money - and that it depends on a job well done.

Teamwork and personal responsibility. Huge concepts in God's economy as well.

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Jae said...

Um...can I send some friends and relatives to your house? They also need to learn the importance of teamwork and personal responsibility... ;)