Friday, September 18, 2009

Marital Perceptions

I've been thinking a lot lately about marriage and divorce and different beliefs regarding the two lately....

There was a lively discussion I got involved in on Facebook when a friend (who is more of an acquaintance) stated that he and his wife are separating. It saddened me - for him and his wife - and their three young boys. What saddened me more was the comments that followed.

The first 10 or 15 comments were all supportive and stating how "maturely" they were handling the situation. I was the first to mention focusing energy on resurrecting the marriage. But, it's not his story I want to focus on...

I was reminded of how my views of marriage have changed over the years. My first one, I threw away. I didn't have the "God-connect", the support or the life skills to consider anything but leaving. I had an escape route and I was taking it.

I wonder how much of the divorce problem there is today is based on lives similar to my experience. And, I wonder if it has to do with a culture that is so used to disposable everything - diapers, water bottles, relationships. Everything is fast and easy and if it's not, don't waste your time on it. It's too sad....

I'm glad I've had relationships in my life with mentors that were different. The work wasn't fast, it wasn't easy and it wasn't fun. BUT... it was so worthwhile.

I hear so many people NOW who have worked through their differences and have found joy, peace and support in the mean time. God is in the midst of all of them... whether we choose to include him or not.

I pray for my friend and his marriage.... I pray for all of those who are struggling or have struggled.... and I pray for and express much gratitude to those who have dug in deep and persevered! Thank you, God for them. May they share their stories and encourage those who need to hear.

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