Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Calling All Prayer Warriors...

There are many prayers on my heart today.

A two year old boy - and his parents. He will undergo surgery today for a recently discovered tumor.

An older gentleman who had emergent surgery yesterday.

A friend who is working through her acceptance of life after a mastectomy.

The children that I know that are continuing their chemotherapy - fighting "stupid cancer".

Another woman receiving chemo for lymphoma.

An elderly man, trying to find his footing, after close to a decade of caring for his wife. She has died, and he is terribly lonely.

A young boy dealing with sensory integration issues.

And I know for all of the prayer needs that are spoken, many, many remain tucked in so deeply we care not to share them. I try to include those people and their requests in my prayers as well. I may not know an issue exists, but that doesn't matter.

God knows. Sometimes they cross my radar, sometimes they don't. They're all on His...

So, today I pray.... join me if you'd like.

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Susan said...

I'm praying alongside you.