Monday, September 7, 2009

Time for a Picture

I've been past due for a picture, so rather than find a picture that matches my post, I searched through my pictures and found this.

Ah, yes... This. It is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken in the summer of 2002. Two of the most influential women in my life. The elder, a woman who stood beside me, challenged me, and loved me well. The younger, my daughter.

This was taken the weekend they met. What makes it even more special for me was the roll of film was forgotten, unfinished in the camera. Years later, I developed it - about six months after Karen died.

She would have loved to have seen how my children have grown. She would have walked beside me through my divorce. Instead, I hear her words in my head from time to time, and am grateful when something she taught me comes instinctively. Her love remains, but I long for her name in my inbox, and her words on the page.

I miss her for sure. Despite living 3 states away, and spending only 3 weekends together - ever - she has touched my heart deeply, and left a mark on my life.

Thank You, God, for Karen Tucker.

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Anonymous said...

this is beyond beautiful! what a precious picture