Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Perfection of God's Timing

I am continually amazed at the perfection of God's timing. Things come and things go, and when I keep my hands out of the midst of it, it works SO much better.

There has been an opportunity knocking at my door lately. It first appeared on my radar in early spring. But that was it, a mention of it. A planting of a seed. Then, a dormant period.

Life went on, and I didn't think of it much, until the end of the summer when it knocked on my door. I answered and did as it requested. And then I waited.

A younger version of myself would likely have tried to knock, knock, KNOCK incessantly. But this felt different. As I have grown and matured, I have learned the value in "wait".

So, I waited.... and I waited some more. I knocked gently, stepped back and continued to wait. One more time I knocked gently. Then, I let it go.

"This is not mine to force," I thought to myself. If God's not in it, I don't want it.

A month has passed, and it has come back knocking. In the mean time, God has removed any urgency I felt about it.

I answered again, responding afirmatively again. This time, I was given a little more information and a timeline.

This opportunity will require a little of my time - physical and emotional. There will be a learning curve, which excites me, rather than terrifying me.

I looked at my calendar, so get a feel for how this might impact daily life. I smiled and I laughed and I smiled some more.

"Coincidentally", I have several weeks where my work schedule is lighter than usual - vacation and holidays and some flexing of time. "Coincidentally", this opportunity, according to the timeline, will begin right about then.

Thank You God for taking care of the details of my life, and for your perfect, perfect timing!

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