Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tackling the Little Annoyances

It was a day - a wonderful, glorious day! Outside was beautiful and it was all I could do to focus on the INside of my house. But I so needed to do that.

The "little annoyances" were starting to pile up. So, I spent the day, tackling them, one by one.

The conglomeration of wires under the kids computer - fixed.

The broken leg on the TV stand - fixed (well - it's now wheel-less, but not annoying!)

The miscellaneous things that get put away in awkward or difficult places - done.

The collection of "trinkets" and outgrown toys - gone through and sorted for consignment or kindergarten "treasure box"es (shhhhhh... don't tell my kids!)

The top of the fridge is clean, and the playroom furniture has been re-arranged.

It was a busy, exhausting and WONDERFUL day!

Thank you, God!

(now... I just need about a dozen more of those!)

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