Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Library...then and now.

The current economic situation has finally pushed us to do what we SHOULD have done years ago.... visit our local library! I now have a library card, and the kids have each rented a movie and one book.

Things have changed since I worked in the library in my hometown. All of my Jr. High and High School years found me sorting books by Dewey Decimal system, and typing up actual card catalog cards.

Yes, it was that long ago. The computer age hadn't hit. We punched cards by and sorted them by date. They were alphabetized by author and sat in the file until they were returned.

Today we went and explored the JF section - Junior Fiction. I was thrilled to see my children so fluent in "alphabetical order". We searched the computerized catalog by "series" - WOW - no searching through "Books in Print" to find the author or title! YES!

It will become a regular stop on our route now. Returning books, choosing books, reading books. And, yes, the movie or two for our Family Movie Night.

I'm grateful that though the technology has changed, the concept of a Public Library has not.

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