Friday, September 25, 2009

I Want to Hear You....

Today, may I be still and hear. May He speak clearly and undeniably.

Thus far, the doors have been opening without my effort. There is a knock, to which I have replied. In time, there came another knock. It is on this day that the doors will open and I am being invited in.

Help me to see clearly. To know. May I feel His presence - or absence - in it.

Right now, it feels like a huge gift being laid at my feet. One that I have not sought, except through prayer.

Even in the midst of it - in the periods of waiting - I have had a certain "calm". A peace that has allowed me to stand back and not charge forth trying to control it - to force it into existence - MY way.

Lord, help me to know - do I accept, or graciously decline...

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