Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Refueled and Refreshed

It is amazing to me, this thing called "sleep"....

On one hand, it is easy - you lay down and sleep, that's it..... well, sort of. Many nights, I am met for a lesson or a review of the day. Sometimes a slide show of faces or events that don't often make sense at the time. Sometimes nothing - not even evidence of having rolled over...

I am fortunate to not suffer from insomnia - I know some do. Yes, I have had seasons in my life when falling asleep was difficult - concern for an individual, or finances, or deadlines on my mind, making it race. For the most part, currently, those nights are rare.

More common are the nights when I caught up in the "to do" list - or on Facebook - and then suddenly realize it is much later than I imagined. Unfortunately, the morning still starts when the morning starts.

Yet, I am further amazed how good I actually feel when I am rested. After ten hours of sleep Sunday night, and 2 more hours Monday morning, I feel human again.

I can function, and am productive. It's GOOD... It is a gift... that I carelessly throw away every time I try to do ONE MORE THING.

May I realize that adequate sleep is not only a gift from God, but it is essential!

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