Thursday, September 10, 2009

Deeper Understanding

My children have taught me much about God. Every so often something will happen and I'll say to myself, "I wonder if this is another situation that mirrors my relationship with God...."

From time to time, situations will arise where I have a depth and breadth of understanding that my children simply don't. One day, they likely will, but for now, it's just as well if they don't know.

For example: On the porch this morning, an orange stripey tomcat named "Tiger". My kids think it is great that Cassie, our kitten, has a play date. I move the "Make Cassie an appointment with the vet for surgery" higher up the priority list, and BE SURE that she does not escape.

The kids want a hamster, or a gerbil, or some other type of rodent. I totally understand - and echo - my father's impersuadable "NO!"

And, sometimes, things are just better handled "behind the scenes".

At times like these, I wonder how often the I'm in the other position - Me, as child-of-God. He has a depth and breadth of understanding that I can't even begin to comprehend, never mind master. He knows and sees and understands the entirety of the situation, when all I see is the "cute" ness or the imperatence of NOW.

I also wonder - if I REALLY pay attention - if these situations arise more frequently when I am showing my omniscient naivete: Thinking I know, when I am - how do they say it? "CLUELESS!"

I also hope that God views my perspective as "sweet innocence" - like I do my kids....

Now, where is that number for the vet.....

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