Monday, September 14, 2009

A Season of Growth

Seasons of growth are really interesting times. Day to day it's hard to see the changes. Perhaps we notice a little something here, or a little something there. A few new blooms that fade with time or a good rain.

Add the benefit of time in the perspective, and it's amazing what can happen.

I noticed this the other day when I was fortunate to have some time out in the gardens. Tending the earth is one of the times that God speaks to me. He points things out and shows me other things.

The summer kept me away from the needs of the garden and the grass had grown high along the fence. As I knelt and pulled the tall grass out of the border, I hear Him whisper "Notice the growth of the season...." I kind of chuckled to myself and I pulled another fistful of grass. I glanced to my right and then realize He had been talking about the rose.

It had been a birthday present from a dear friend. I immediately knew where it should go. I planted it, watered it and expressed my gratitude for my friend, our friendship and the rose itself.

Periodically, I noticed it had grown and the flowers that continued to appear. But it wasn't until I stopped and took the time to realize where it had begun that I REALLY noticed.

Same with people.... We all have seasons of growth. When I take the time to look back with the perspective of time, it is amazing. My children continue to amaze me. The change in them in the past month, six months, year.... they are different people.

My friends - the way they have healed and grown as they walked through the pain of divorce. Friends dealing with parents, children, grandchildren... hormones, cancer and other life changing events.

I love watching the process. I love walking beside, and I love looking back and pointing out the change they may not see.

And yes... it's true in my life too.... looking back, I can hardly believe where He has led.

Thank You Lord, for reminding me to look and remember...

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