Sunday, September 27, 2009


Inspiration comes from the most interesting places sometimes... and sometimes I learn the most interesting things...

For example: I was riding around with a woman this past Friday. We got out of her car, and as she clicked her remote to lock her car, she asked if my van had keyless entry. "Yes," I said, "but it doesn't work..." "You should see what it costs to fix it...." she said, casually.

When mine quit working, I decided I could do without the luxury of keyless entry. I figured it would be as outrageously expensive to fix as the automatic pull doors had been when one of them quit working. I'd hoped it was the battery, but when I finally got around to replacing it, it didn't work.

I chalked it up to something I'd deal with for a while... And I did.

But, after she mentioned, it, I got curious to see exactly HOW outrageously expensive it would be to fix.

I searched online, and found a new remote for $40 and change.... fully programmable to my minivan. So, I searched for programming directions.... AND .... FOUND.... OUT.....

If the battery has been dead for a while - which it had - once the new battery is put in, it needs to be reprogrammed... and "This is how...."

Five minutes later, I once again have keyless entry!

Thank you God for her innocent comment.... my willingness to listen, and a spare few minutes at work where I could search for the information!

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