Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stronger with Each Tear

In each tear (each tear)
there’s a lesson, (there’s a lesson)
Makes you wiser than before (wiser)
Makes you stronger than you know
In each tear ( Make you so much more)
Bring you closer to your dreams
No mistake, no heartbreak
Can take away what your meant to be

"Somehow" I came across the words "Stronger with Each Tear", and the artist Mary Blige. I think I was searching Youtube for a sample of a new song that we'll be doing at church this week. Clearly, I was at the table when I found it, since the words were scribbled on a napkin.

Tonight, I searched first for the lyrics and then on Youtube to hear the song itself. Not *really* my style of music, but sort of ballad-like, so I could hear it through.

Fortunately, I am not currently in a season of life that is characterized by strength-building tears. But I certainly have been there....and I know others that are in the midst of it now.

There are definitely lessons in the tears, and strength in the weakness and brokenness of those periods of life. In those times when "I" am broken, and "I" am feeling weak, the "I"-focus loses its hold. In those times, I am better able to let go of MY agendas and follow His plan.

Mistakes, heartbreaks, in my life... oh yes. Grieving the loss and the wish - which both come from an "I"-perspective - opens me up to better hear what God has in store for me.

From there, I can walk anew..... until, of course *I* take charge again....

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