Sunday, February 28, 2010

Springing Forward

I noticed this morning when I woke... the sun was brighter. YES! Longer days. Warmer weather. New life. SPRING!

It raised my curiosities: "When do we set the clocks ahead?" I asked aloud. I didn't recall seeing it on my planner. So, I Googled it. March 14. 2:00 A.M.

MARCH 14th? That's only two weeks away!

I am continually aware of how quickly time is flying. How hard I have keeping track of the days and months. Soon we will be into all the Spring and End-of-year activities at school.

And then Summer.

At dinner, we had a "family meeting" to brainstorm a list of things we want to be sure to do this summer. It's a good list... :) I'm excited! It's all very, very do-able as well! Thank You, God!

I am aware of a shift within me as well. I am curious to see what will bloom this spring!

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