Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"February Vacation"

The Northern Girl in me is laughing hysterically.....though knowing full well the risks involved with winter weather (read: snow and ice), without "adequate" snow-removal equipment and procedures.

I think back to my childhood. Four inches of snow was a no-brainer... we'd be going to school, no questions asked. I have to also remember laying in my bed at night, hearing the snow plows circling my subdivision at least hourly.

Here, not so much. Here, we wait on the sun and warmer weather.

There it made sense. We'd typically have FEET of snow over the course of a winter - sometimes in a single storm. Here, not so much. So... from a resources standpoint, I get it. It doesn't make sense to have a fleet of plows for a single accumulating snowfall.

So, in light of the fact that the temperatures haven't rebounded as quickly as is typical, my kids (and I to some degree) are experiencing "February Vacation". It's not something we typically do here in the south... we have "Spring Break" coming up in just another few weeks.

But, I am enjoying it. It has been exactly what I have needed to catch up on a few hours of sleep, enjoy some 100% pure PLAY time with my kids, and feel like I can breathe deeply again.

Thank You, God!

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