Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let there be Lent

And it was....

Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday. We're here. Lent is here.

Growing up, my church as a whole didn't "give things up" for lent. Our catholic friends did, so one year, another friend and I decided to try it. We had a habit of eating - of all things - sunflower seeds. Every Monday afternoon, on our way from the school to the church, we'd stop by the corner store ("Lord's", of all things... ;) ) and get our fix. Our four years in high school, we gave them up during Lent - with varying degrees of success.

I took a break from the practice during college - along with my break from church in general. And, somewhere, back in the days of reconnecting with God, I picked the practice up again. This time, with something far more addicting: Sugar.

There have been several years I have endured the entire Lenten period sugar free. Other years, I haven't surpassed the first week.

This year has been a little different. I know God has been calling me to this - giving up sugar- for a while now. And I have been putting it off - "I'll do it during Lent". But, oh no. My timing is not His timing.

The weekend that my living room was LITERALLY wall to wall in cases of Girl Scout cookies, I was so convicted at church. I knew I had to start THAT DAY.

No Fat Tuesday celebration to get my last fix. No. Right then.

So far, so good. It has not been easy by any means, but in no way compares to dying on a cross.

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