Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Change of Routine

We have gone back and forth on the routine thing. School. No School. Plain ol' winter. Winter wonderland!

We have been inundated with more snow. Another several inches. On one hand, I am thrilled. We had so much fun sledding last week - and who KNOWS when we'll have this opportunity again! Yet, the school board is beginning to change previously scheduled "off" days, which I'm sure messes with some schedules.

The change of routine is, on one hand, enjoyable. Another day to not have to awaken early. Yet, there is some comfort in the routine.

Life is like that too. There is comfort in the day to day. In the things we know. Whether they continue to inspire, encourage and enliven us or not.

From time to time, He calls us out of our familiar routine. He is with me.

May I walk where He leads....

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