Saturday, February 13, 2010


My children and I watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies together. Several times I used the word "unity". My son asked what the word means.

"Kinda like 'working together' ", I said. He nodded. Not long afterward, the athletes began the Parade of Nations. As each country walked forward, I realized I was looking at each face.

"Look for the similarities, not the differences", I had been told again and again. It was at a period of time when I was in a lot of group situations. I was told I had a choice. If I wanted to be "a part of" the group, I should look for similarities. If I focused on the differences, I would be "a part from".

A simple change of perspective, with life-changing and life-defining ramifications.

May there be peace and unity at the Olympic games.

May I look for similarities rather than differences.

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