Friday, February 5, 2010

"The Noticer"

I eluded to this book yesterday, "The Noticer", by Andy Andrews.

One word: "wow".

It's a quick read - which I love, but more importantly, there are these simple concepts that have grabbed me by heart and mind, providing exactly what "Jones" does - a new perspective.

It is definitely one that I will buy a few copies to gift around. I will also find myself re-reading this copy.... with a pencil. There is SO much in there that I want to retain.

I am also smitten with the main character - Jones. He has this incredible way of speaking truth with just the right mix of humility and humor. I want that.

Pick it up... read it.

It's phenomenal!

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Donita said...

Andy Andrews is one of my favorite authors and this is my favorite book of his!