Friday, February 26, 2010

Movin' into Spring

I'm so ready! I long for spring and all that goes along with it!

New adventures await! The garden awaits! Spring cleaning awaits!

Periodically, we get a tease, and then *wham*, it's cold again. It's hard for me to believe that the daffodils are just little sprigs of green and it's nearly March. But I know they listen and they wait to be called. They don't care what the calendar says or what other people think they should do. They wait until the time is right for them to grow and to bloom.

I am trying to be as patient.

At least I can spend the chilly days inside, preparing to throw the windows wide and air out the house. It is my perfect opportunity to go through the piles of things - papers to be sorted and filed. Clothes and toys to be tagged for the upcoming consignment sale. There is much to do.

I would just rather be OUTside - if I had MY way.... but perhaps, I should do as the daffodil, and wait for that opportunity, and take THIS opportunity to do what needs to be done in this time.

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