Monday, February 15, 2010

Take Three...

I think we're on our third round of (potentially school-canceling) snow this year. It certainly is the snowiest winter I can remember here in Tennessee. Both in terms of accumulation and duration.

I've been told it's backlash for the Saints winning the Superbowl (and thus hell freezing over), but I think it just is. Life happens that way sometimes. Yes, it's cold. Yes, I'm ready for spring. But it is beautiful. Magical. Peaceful. (And then, the kids wake up.)

I am curious to see what the week holds in terms of snow and school. Perhaps another "February Vacation"... time will tell. To be honest, there is a part of me that is hoping that we will "take back" Tuesday. Originally scheduled as a student holiday, our last snow storm mandated that we return for the day.

The problem being, that we are out of "snow days", so should we have another, we'll require a make-up.

In the long run, it doesn't matter. Years past, I would have fretted and worried about my plans. Right now, it's not a biggie... (Now Friday, when a sick kid canceled my morning and evening fun-times-with-the-girls plans...that was more of a biggie.)

We'll see how it goes and take it as it comes. May God keep us safe and warm - and fed. (I did not make the obligatory pre-storm milk/bread run.)

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