Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seven Words

Someone mentioned the other day that we each have 7 words that represent our unique beings and our purpose here on earth.

It's interesting to think of myself that way. Just seven words.... that best describe ME and my purpose.

I googled the concept to see if I could gather some more information / perspective on the concept. What I found there were people creating their mantras, or a sentence of 7 words. That would be easy....

" I am blessed beyond my wildest imaginings!"

The other, not so much. Sure, I can think of a few that I know.

I know I am a writer. My father told me that years ago.... Words hold tremendous power, and finding just the right one is sometimes a challenge... but I love it....

I know I am a mother.... beyond the biological sense.

I know I am a healer - and beyond the realm of my world of nursing. I have been called a "noticer" and a "re-center-er" by friends of mine, but I would throw those into the "healing" category.

The rest, I don't know.... I am sure one day I will be clued in.... God willing....

What would yours be??

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