Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It has been an interesting semester. Each group of students is unique and have their own group personality. This group coined a phrase early on - "that ain't right...." - that has captured a little spot of my heart. Typically it's used while looking at a CT scan of the brain, that isn't quite normal... It brings a little levity to the serious nature of working and teaching in a Neuro Intensive Care Unit.

The patient population this semester has been uniquely it's own as well. As a general rule, the patients have been young - some very young. Some are the same age as my graduate students. Some days they leave feeling like they need to have the same diagnostic testing as their patients - if for no other reason than to give them some assurance of waking up neurologically intact.

Thing is.... we don't have that guarantee. We don't. Every day is a gift. Our good health is a gift.

Witnessing these patients who have sudden life-changing events brings it a little closer to home. Yet, I know that I still take it for granted. I still expect to wake up and pick up where I left off when I went to bed.

Lord, Please help me to realize what a gift I have been given - in my life and in my health. Please, please, please help me not to take it for granted

(And please, please, please help me learn that before it is taken away....)

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