Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ice Castles

"Please, don't let this feeling end..... it might not come again... and I want to remember...."

I had the opportunity to watch the 2010 remake of the movie Ice Castles. It was a story I fell in love with as a child. I could relate to the female lead. I too had a pond that, when winter would cooperate, I would carry my skates and spend some time enjoying the feel of the ice under my feet.

No, I never made it to Nationals, but that feeling of peace an joy that I never wanted to end was there.

The theme song has woven itself through my life from time to time... Typically, it arrives in those same peaceful, joyful, carefree moments - Sitting silently on the red rocks in Sedona, Arizona, sitting quietly beside a campfire, snuggling my children.

But it also arrives sometimes after feeling convicted about something that I am to do. The presence of God is so palpable. The peace that accompanies it makes what I am to do - or not do - seem easy at the moment.

But, I know life will continue and that moment will fade. With out that acute feeling of Presence, the task feels more difficult.

So, "Please, don't let this feeling end...."

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