Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's a Time of Change

I will teach my last yoga class at our local YMCA on Tuesday. I wrote, signed and delivered my resignation today. It was not an easy thing to do - nor an easy decision to make. Well....that may not be ENTIRELY true. But it was not easy to accept that it is time for me to leave.

I have known for a while that I would be leaving. I just haven't been ready to say goodbye....

They Y has been so beneficial to me through the years. Obviously, the health, exercise and pool-side lounging benefits have been wonderful. But it's not really those aspects that I remember and cling to.

It's the "nine hours of nursery time every week with a pair of infants", that was my saving grace. There were days that just handing them over for an hour or two made the difference between a "good" day and an "awful" day. Some days, when the weather was warm and the night before had been significantly interrupted, I would drop them off, set my alarm and doze for 2 hours by the pool.

As they grew older, I found yoga. There, on the mat, was a peace and strength and a connection with God that I had never experienced. Perhaps if I had taken time previously to "be still", I would have had the opportunity to "know" God a little better. But, there, in yoga, I often had opportunities to cry out to Him, or lay still and simply feel His presence.

Those months and years helped me through my separation and later divorce, in ways that I am sure I don't even fully realize even now.

As I began to teach, I began to see the impact it could have on the lives of the students: Physically, mentally, spiritually. I thoroughly enjoy watching those moments and abilities unfold.

Yet, I am being called away. Called to a new adventure. I don't know exactly the plan, but I know where I am to begin.

We'll see what I find in the karate studio....

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