Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Praying for Favor

One of my least favorite things to have had to do for our PTO is write an appeal letter to the IRS. It wasn't HARD, and I believe we have a good case. The fact that I had to do it at all just makes me want to roll my eyes..... but instead of that, I just got to the task.

As one might imagine, there were blessings in the process. I was shown once again that I am not walking this world alone. There are people around to seek counsel, as well as the Gentle Voice Within, who spoke "make a copy of that!" back in December. (I did!)

So, letter written, and all the supporting evidence enclosed, I ventured out to the Post Office. In the parking lot, I texted six of my prayer warriors: "Join me in praying for favor over this letter to the IRS". I had prayed for it as I stuffed the envelope, and said another quick prayer that it would arrive in the right hands, and our appeal would be honored.

As I was standing at the counter, envelope being weighed, and postage being calculated, my cell phone beeped 6 times. 6 text messages received. "Will do....", "done!", "Amen!" Each beep made me smile a little broader - I knew what they would say before I read them.

So now... we wait... and believe.

If they deny the appeal, God has bigger plans for it...

(feel free to add your prayer if you feel so inclined!)

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Katie said...

hmmm... don't know what it's about but will join you in prayer! Love you my friend.