Friday, November 13, 2009

God's Perfect Timing

I love the days when God seems to "show off". It was a Typical Thursday. Start the morning driving carpool, go straight to the Moms in Touch prayer group, pack a lunch, head to school for the remainder of the day. From school, it's another round of carpool, that ends us straight to gymnastics for the girl, then karate for the boy. This week, ended in a parent meeting with the Board of Education (and a kid-free trip to Wal*mart, since I had a sitter anyhow!)

It was a little different this week in that during the time I'm usually AT school, I had several PTO related errands to do, before the "enrichment" class I've been leading for some third grade students.

The day had started smoothly - it only took 10 reminders to get my kids up, dressed and fed, compared to the usual 30,000. I got to the prayer group just in time, to the school just in time. It was when I was at the grocery store, picking up the gift cards for delivery that afternoon, and the woman said "I JUST entered these into the system", that I realized HOW smoothly everything had gone. Far beyond my ability to coordinate and time events.

I smiled to myself. On my way back to the school, I glanced at the clock. As I pulled into the parking lot, the thought "I'll never get these all distributed" had not COMPLETELY formed in my brain when the phone rang.

Enrichment had been canceled for the day. "Thank you, thank you, thank you God!"

May Friday (the 13th) run as smoothly, as I tie up all the loose ends preparing for "The Girl Party".

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