Monday, November 2, 2009

Remembering Days Past....

There are several things that have shown up in my life lately that remind me of days past. A couple are perhaps a bit haunting - reminders of a previous life that I don't want to resurrect.

But this.... This was delightful! My daughter's brownie troop went to see Little House on the Prairie - the Musical, with Melissa Gilbert as Ma. My daughter SOOOO doesn't get why that is so important. So, I tried to tell her....

I told her that, when I was her age, I wanted to BE Laura Ingalls. I wanted to live in that Little House on the Prairie. I wanted to run in those fields, with "Charles" heading the family. I wanted the quiet evenings by the fire and fiddle music filling the house.

I didn't spent as much time fantasizing about scarlet fever, indian raids or hauling water for the family "bath night". But, I figured it was a package deal, and it would be worth it to experience the Prairie Dream.

I have carried that story with me through the years. When I bought my first house, I dreamed of building it instead - the floor plan very, very similar to the Ingalls homestead. It wouldn't have had 160 acres. I'd sacrifice that for electricity and indoor plumbing.

Truth be known, that story still lives strongly within my heart. It must.

Within me, there is a girl very similar to Laura Ingalls Wilder. A girl who is bold and adventuresome, who loves the land and the wind in her face. A girl with fiery passion and an indomitable spirit.

She's in there. She appears from time to time in my life, until the reality of day to day life contains her again.

May she thrive and come forth!

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