Friday, November 20, 2009

Taking Time - to notice and to speak

I was driving in the car, rushing to get to the interstate early one morning. Somehow the difference of about five minutes at that time of day makes the difference between a 20 and 45 minute commute. Doesn't quite seem right, but that's how it is. I wasn't sure which side of the "five minutes" I was on, so I was hurrying.

Then, this tree caught my eye. Gloriously bold in it's display of color, with the morning sun hitting it just right - as if to spotlight it. I noticed. I also noticed the joy that had filled me. Thank you God for the tree - and for drawing my attention to it.

That moment reminded me how important it is for me to take time to notice. It's important for me to get my head out of my plans, my worries, and my "to do"'s to appreciate the life that has been given to me - with all it's gifts and beauty. If I fail to do this, I miss out on much of the joy in living.

It is important I notice things in my Self, in my environment, and in others. In my Self, taking time to notice keeps me aware of where I am in life, how I am feeling. It helps me to realize when there is too much on my plate, and when there is peace and joy. It helps me know where my boundaries are, and when they have been crossed.

In the environment, it's like the tree - or the little boy I noticed on the drive to work, snug in his car seat, smiling contently at the ceiling of the car.

and in others.... it's taking the time to notice and to speak. Sometimes, it is a praise, or an observation. Sometimes it is reminding my son of how generous he is, or my daughter of what a sense of style she has.

But not always. Sometimes, what we have to say may not always be well received. Sometimes, it may instill anger, or resentment. Sometimes it shines the light on a dark corner the person is trying to ignore, but we still need to speak it.... with love. It is what God does with me. It is what I must do with others.

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