Monday, November 16, 2009

On Being a "Hero"

My daughter is completing her "Star Student" autobiographical poster. At one point, she said "Mom. You are my hero". I glanced her way. "....You know... someone who inspires me."

The first thought in my head was "no pressure". I don't know that I said anything.

It reminded me - yet again - that she really DOES look to me. She looks at how I dress, how I act, what I do. She notices whether I am polite and how I react when I am angry.

She observes how I interact with her dad, my mom, our friends and strangers we meet out in the world.

She notices how I celebrate birthdays, Christmas and Thanksgiving. She sees my priorities, and where my attentions lie.

She sees how I handle disappointment, my mistakes and the times when I am just plain wrong.

She is forever watching me, learning from my example - and from the world - what it means to be a woman - a Christian woman.

May I be a good example. May she realize, first and foremost that I am a human being - imperfect and flawed. May she see that my hope, my joy and my trust are in God alone, and through that I am able to be her mother...

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