Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Incredibly Weird

It was an incredibly weird feeling. I woke up, and after setting the kids on their way with the carpool toward school, I realized:

I feel good!

I feel joy!

I have energy!

I am motivated!

It's only 7:15!

I took advantage of the feeling of invincibility and tackled the laundry. One load running while I walk the dog.

It was on my walk, I considered the ingredients into this fabulous morning! Certainly the "extra hour" of sleep (which I took as awake time) helped. The bright sunshine and crisp cool air, I bet helps... The nap on Saturday I'm sure did.

I hadn't been feeling well over the weekend. Saturday it hit hard - and so did I: Echinacea, Vitamin C and sleep. After my hour-long nap, I felt better....much better. But I still didn't have my innate craving for sweets. (Which, I must say, is not a BAD thing on Halloween. It's just incredibly weird). To date, I have only been responsible for the disappearance of one mini candy from each child. That is nothing short of miraculous.

And on my dog-walk, I paused as the dog stared down a squirrel, shook my head and knew that was it... well, part of it anyhow. I had spent the last few days, essentially sugar free.

I've been praying for that "want-want-want" for something sweet to be taken from me. And, briefly anyhow, it has been...

May I remember how WONDERFUL the day can be....

Lead me not into temptation...


Anonymous said...

Hey Linda! I think that I saw you today in the hospital cafeteria. I was afraid to bother you because you seemed to be in a meeting or something. I got a job a few weeks ago as a valet guy at Vanderbilt. Hope I get to bump into you sometime!

Jae said...