Monday, November 23, 2009

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way...

I had a free afternoon, and one of my goals before Thanksgiving this year is to spackle and touch up with paint, the dings we have put into the walls of our home. Bumped with ladders or doors, knocked with toys or chairs, there were a few places that needed some attention.

Also in need of a dab of paint were the points where the railing (that used to be atop my cabinets) had met the wall. I'd taken those down when I moved in... nearly four years ago. Holes that were the only memory of pictures hung by the previous owner needed filling and painting.

They've been on the "to do" list for a while, but in "low priority status". Now, with the upcoming holidays - and several upcoming events in our home, they got bumped up a notch.

So here, on my free afternoon, I had the time, the supplies AND the motivation. I dabbled here and there, and found myself amazed. Who knew that filling a tiny hole and adding a dot of paint would make such a huge difference. It's like new!

Fear not, God did not miss this opportunity to speak to me. He reminded me of the changes I would like and need to make in my life. Sometimes I hold back because the action wouldn't be "enough", or wouldn't make a noticeable impact. Sometimes, I don't feel like I have time, energy, or resources to complete the entirety of the task, so I do nothing.

But, He showed me that, even though I didn't have the ability to completely repaint the room - as I would one day like to do - a little bit goes a long way.

He has encouraged me to take a few more little steps in other areas of my life.....

(Oh, and a little lemon oil on the cabinets works wonders too!)

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