Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Most Beautiful Colors

We spent the day at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. It was a second grade field trip that had been postponed a week due to rain.

Our adventure was warm and dry, though mostly overcast. From my perspective it was amazing. The colors, the gardens... For the second graders, not so much...

There were some scarecrows on display that caught their attention. Some of them were very creative and well done. Other were... interesting...

Aside from the outright battle that my daughter and I had in the midst of Eden, it was a beautiful day.

It always amazes me how beautifully the leaves turn every year. And, it seems every year, around mid October, I think, "that's it? Not such a beautiful autumn this year..." and WHAM a day or two later, it is incredible!

I'm sure that parallels the rest of my life as well.... "Yeah, well, this is all it is.. not so great this year..." and WHAM, another something amazing shows up.

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