Saturday, November 21, 2009

Movie Night

The kids were with their dad, and I thought I'd spend a quiet evening watching a movie. It would be a little change of venue for me, and something low key. I need that every now and again.

As I walked past the Red Box at the grocery store, I considered looking, but remembered I'd bought some of my favorite old movies when they were on clearance a while back, and hadn't watched them. I thought I had the movie Ghost, but I was mistaken. I looked through the bookshelf housing the DVD's.

"kid-movie, kid-movie, kid-movie.... ah, grown-up-movie... nah...." I flipped through one by one. I decided on When Harry met Sally. I remembered liking it so much when I saw it years ago. OMG. I couldn't get it off quick enough. I stuck with them from Chicago to New York and onto the plane, but I couldn't tolerate any more.

Instead, I reached for Fireproof. A romance of a different sort. I'd seen it before, but enjoyed it more this time, I think. I had detached Kirk Cameron from his Growing Pains role that I knew so well from my youth, and was able to envision him better as an adult this time around.

I connected all to well to the experience of Catherine and Caleb, and, yes, I cried as Caleb is down on his knees during the theme song and during his apology.

It's quite a movie. I'm grateful to have seen it yet again......

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