Monday, November 30, 2009

"Chicks With Tools, Rule...."

I hadn't heard the expression in many, many years, but as I reached for my cordless drill, it was like hearing it afresh.

I was replacing the exterior drier vent cover. The dog had used the previous one to teethe or something along those lines. But, as you would know, the screw holes from the previous one, and the new one, were not identically placed. So, off for the drill I went.

My father had quite a workshop when I was growing up. I learned about different kinds of screwdrivers and wrenches, pliers and saws and worked with his drill presses. He gave us some old stumps and a bucket of nails to practice hammering.

When he gave me a cordless drill as a gift in my early 20's, I thought he had lost his mind.... until I started to use it! That drill has long quit working, and been replaced, but the knowledge my father gave me lives on.

I'm sure it seemed odd at the time, the blind guy teaching his little girl about such things, but I am so grateful!

Chicks with tools DO rule! (Thanks Dad!)

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